I feel very fortunate to meet MV Chidananda a long time ago. He is a great dedicated teacher, who with his vast knowledge continually teaches us about yoga and also about life being himself a humble human being. I did the Teacher Training Course with him in 2011 and after that I worked with him with my students who I continually take to Mysore to study with him. When I practice at home it´s always amazing how I remember his voice in the chanting and I can fly back to Mysore directly. He has a voice that reaches my soul and touches my heart. I recommend his school because it is very complete and serious. It has really changed my present life. I have been teaching yoga for 6 years under his lineage and it gives me an immense pleasure to see the number of students who come to meet him and go back to their hometowns with their hearts and souls full of happiness. That is Yoga to me, conveying your soul and heart. Chidananda is great and has learned from his Masters BNS Iyengar with whom I had the honor to have studied and known well, and also he inherited the knowledge of his father Venkateshaia. They have inspired their love for Yoga and they have dedicated their lives to teaching others their knowledge. Those who have met Chidananda in person are very fortunate. If you go to Mysore, you should go to his school. I'm grateful to life for having crossed paths with Chidananda, Venkatesh and BNS Iyengar. It´s a honor for me to be his student. Namaste--

Selva Mariana Alegre - Argentina

Before 10 months ago...I just a beginner to practice Ashtanga vinyasa yoga , even I had practiced yoga many years , Ashtanga yoga to me still too difficult to practice. Until I meet my dear teacher Chidananda Mv , he taught me how to practice correctly and how to use the muscles and build the body's strength. I can feel the obvious progress and start to feel more confident that I can do whole series in standard. When I strong enough , he start to teach me how to control the strength and how to face my fear. He always encourage me on my side with good manner and patience no matter how many times I failed.When I got the technique to practice successfully , he must be the happiest than anyone including me.kiki emoticon Chidananda is a considerable teacher , he know every student's body , personality , limitation , weakness ....etc . He can give each student suitable adjustment and personal training . Be his student , I don't need to worry anything about practice , just believe him and practice........all will coming soon. You can see my video...even still not perfect , but I just practiced with my dear teacher Chidananda twice times totally 3 months . If I can do , I believe everyone can do also. Chidananda not only teach me asana very well , including the lifestyle , thinking and mind , I was influenced by him very much . Now I just want to say thank you teacher , thank you Guruji.(*^_^*) Namaste!!! — feeling Deeply grateful !! ????~ with Chidananda Mv.

Hannah Yang - Taiwan

I fell in love with Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga thanks to the teacher Chidananda. I have practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa in his shala(Sachidananda Ashtanga Yoga Shala) for almost 3 months. Chidananda is a wonderful teacher. He is very considerate of students and inspires us. All my classmates love him. His teaching and adjustment is really good. I could understand the proper alignment of postures and breathing. With his teaching, adjustment and encouragment I try to do correct postures and breathing every practice. When I first came to this shala, I could not do Sirsasana because I have neck problem and had fear. He helped me get rid of fear and trust myself. I could do Srisasana in two weeks. Besides, My right femur was broken and I had surgery two years ago. So my right pelvic region is stiff. He teaches and adjusts very carefully. Nowadays I am getting better. He always does his best. Every class, I was really moved by his passion for students. I hope to learn and practice with him for a long time.

Eunyoung Park

It was an accident that I attended Chidananda's class on that day, it was also true that I had no interest in Ashtanga at that time, but what happened later on was, Chidananda, this amazing teacher, he made me change my mind just after the first class. Moreover, after the whole session of the course, I promised myself that I shall go back to Mysore, and visit Sachidananda Ashtanga Yoga Shala to learn with Chidananda for further practice again. # He lives a yogic life: First of all, you might be touched by his chanting! Well he does have a beautiful voice, but what vitalizes his chanting is the devotion and sincerity behind his voice. From him, you just see the full commitment to Yoga: as a master, a practitioner and a good human being! # Be disciplined and patient towards our practice: Chidananda follows traditional Ashtanga rules strictly. One rule is: you are not supposed to enter the next series without properly accomplishing the present series you are practicing with( including doing all the vinyasa with correct breaths), because he believes that only when one is able to master the present level, can one be strong, flexible and balanced enough to go to the next level. Thus we need to be patient, patient with our practice, patient with our body to get ready for the next level in a unified way. Be disciplined and patient, it's the attitude that Chidananda wants students to learn from their practice. # If you are willing to put sincere efforts into practice, he will put even much more efforts to help you: Whatever difficulties students may encounter, Chidananda is ready to help and support all the time; no matter the student is a beginner or an advanced practitioner, he treats everyone patiently and nicely, and never hesitates to solve the problem. If the problem related to mental weakness, he will keep talking and encouraging until you establish enough mind strength; otherwise, if it is in physical aspect, then he is going to assign all kinds of exercises to strengthen your body. Believe me, that will be a struggling process, however, don't worry, he's always got your back. # The power of Chidananda's hands-on adjustment: I've heard from many students that his adjustment is incredibly amazing. In my case, I can't agree with them more. His hands seem to carry with a certain calming power, when I was adjusted and pushed out of my comfort zones, his steady hands soothed my anxiety and uneasiness, and at the same time, his audible Ujjayi breathing ensured that my awareness of breathing was not disturbed by his adjustment. Chidananda does have really good sense towards different bodies and he makes accurate adjustment accordingly in a very short time. He observes every slight reaction on the body and then subtly modifies his adjustment. Over all, his adjustment is not only about alignment, but meanwhile it gives students insights into the capabilities and limitations of their bodies. -- I really don't want to speak out how good my master is, because I don't like to see him become too famous one day. Then maybe at that time I will need to sit in front of my computer at midnight just in order to get a seat in his class... Even so, the truth speaks for itself: my master, Chidananda, he is respectable as a master and as a person. To see is to believe.

Chia-Hsin Hsu - Taiwan

I was very lucky to be able to study Asana and Pranayama at Sachidananda Yoga Shala during my 2 stays in Mysore. If you practice with Chidananda and his Father Venkateshaiah you will encounter a holistic yoga experience beyond asana. Both are very deep in their understanding of the method with a combined experience of over 60 years. When you hear them chanting you will know that you met the right teachers. There is a loving and welcoming atmoshpere in the shala and if you really want to learn something that you can take back home and include into your personal practice this is the go-to place in Mysore. Personally, I appreciate Chidananda’s precise transforming adjustments which are strong and gentle at the same time. He really knows where you are in your practice and feels what he is doing. The deep emphasis on a breath-centred asana practice can be taken to another level by taking Venkateshaiah’s Pranayama class. Here you will be guided properly through primary pranayamas which will eventually lead to more advanced techniques. Chanting the Slokas is an experience itself. While practicing at the shala you can really feel that they want to you to get it right. I whole-heartedly reccomend anyone who is interested in an authentic holistic yoga practice to check out Sachidananda Yoga Shala in Gokulam – it is suitable for complete beginners as well as advanced practicioners.

Janosch Steinhauer - http://www.janoschs-turnstunde.com/

Chidananda teaching is true to the Ashtanga method and traditional way of transmitting the knowledge. He really cares about his students and passing along the spiritual aspects of practice as well as physical. His knowledge and insight is very helpful to the practitioner on any level. He develops love for yoga through personal example of devotion to Ashtanga Yoga. Amazing experience. If you are thinking of coming to Mysore to study Ashtanga or to get Teacher's Certification - look no further. This is the place to learn: not crowded, plenty of personal attention and support you need on the yogic path.

Natalia Gali - United States

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