S V Venkateshiah

Under this ancient tradition of Ashtanga yoga and disciple of BNS Iyengar comes another great yoga exponent, an all India champion, married, father of two children and now a grandfather, Mr.Venkateshaiah. Sri Venkateshaiah has been teaching yoga for the last 22 years, a great master of spirituality both in theory, practice and real life.

Sri Venkateshaiah studied and practiced yoga for 20 years, under the guidance and supervision of yoga-visharada, yogaratnakara Sri.BNS. Iyengar, principal of Sir Patanajala Yogashala, who is a well learned yoga master and one of the yoga philosophers in India, and is a disciple of yogashiromani and great yoga Philosopher Sri.T.Krishnamacharya of Mysore.

He has experience in teaching of Ashtanga Yoga for more than twenty two years and has both practically and theoretically very good knowledge about ashtanga Yoga. So it gives us a great feeling and  comfort to study Ashtanga Yoga, under the guidance of Sri Venkateshaiah. He teaches Asanas in three stages i.e., Primary, Intermediate and Advanced Series (A&B). He also teaches Pranayama. Hatha Yoga Kriya  and therapeutic aspects of Asanas

Sri Venkateshaiah has won the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the National level yoga competition held at Punjab, West Bengal, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka. He won the Silver medal in the International yoga competition and declamation test held at Pondichery (Old French province) in the year 1989.

He was the secretary of Karnataka State yoga association for five years and a invited judge in several yogasanna competitions. He has honored by the Department of Health and Family Welfare Services and Medical Education Employees Association of Mysore for his achievements. He is a master graduate of Sociology, University of Mysore. Recently he conducted yoga classes at Ramakrishna Ashram for public and also yoga camps at Central Jail for Prisoners and at Anandhamarg ashram, Saraswathipuram Mysore. Yoga philosophy and Spirituality is part and parcel of his life. Students from Brazil, Australia, France, Germany, South Africa, Great Britain, Hawai, Canada, South Korea and USA are practicing under the tutor of Sri Venkateshaiah.