Hannah Yang – Taiwan

Before 10 months ago…I just a beginner to practice Ashtanga vinyasa yoga , even I had practiced yoga many years , Ashtanga yoga to me still too difficult to practice. Until I meet my dear teacher Chidananda Mv , he taught me how to practice correctly and how to use the muscles and build the body’s strength. I can feel the obvious progress and start to feel more confident that I can do whole series in standard. When I strong enough , he start to teach me how to control the strength and how to face my fear. He always encourage me on my side with good manner and patience no matter how many times I failed.When I got the technique to practice successfully , he must be the happiest than anyone including me.kiki emoticon Chidananda is a considerable teacher , he know every student’s body , personality , limitation , weakness ….etc . He can give each student suitable adjustment and personal training . Be his student , I don’t need to worry anything about practice , just believe him and practice……..all will coming soon. You can see my video…even still not perfect , but I just practiced with my dear teacher Chidananda twice times totally 3 months . If I can do , I believe everyone can do also. Chidananda not only teach me asana very well , including the lifestyle , thinking and mind , I was influenced by him very much . Now I just want to say thank you teacher , thank you Guruji.(*^_^*) Namaste!!! — feeling Deeply grateful !! ????~ with Chidananda Mv