Selva Mariana Alegre – Argentina

I feel very fortunate to meet MV Chidananda a long time ago. He is a great dedicated teacher, who with his vast knowledge continually teaches us about yoga and also about life being himself a humble human being. I did the Teacher Training Course with him in 2011 and after that I worked with him with my students who I continually take to Mysore to study with him. When I practice at home it´s always amazing how I remember his voice in the chanting and I can fly back to Mysore directly. He has a voice that reaches my soul and touches my heart. I recommend his school because it is very complete and serious. It has really changed my present life. I have been teaching yoga for 6 years under his lineage and it gives me an immense pleasure to see the number of students who come to meet him and go back to their hometowns with their hearts and souls full of happiness. That is Yoga to me, conveying your soul and heart. Chidananda is great and has learned from his Masters BNS Iyengar with whom I had the honor to have studied and known well, and also he inherited the knowledge of his father Venkateshaia. They have inspired their love for Yoga and they have dedicated their lives to teaching others their knowledge. Those who have met Chidananda in person are very fortunate. If you go to Mysore, you should go to his school. I’m grateful to life for having crossed paths with Chidananda, Venkatesh and BNS Iyengar. It´s a honor for me to be his student. Namaste-